Storage Organization Sheds

ShedsToday I’m gonna be tackling a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time and that is getting rid of my old crappy shed and replacing it with something new.  I need a place to store some tools and materials and right now this shed is just too small, too ugly, and too unorganized. Rats and critters have gotten in there over the years and made a mess of it they’ve made some nests, a couple of them have died in there, it’s just kind of gross so it’s time for me to get rid of it, and get something else. I’m really looking forward to smashing this thing to pieces, but to be honest, I’m also a little bit nervous of what I’m gonna find.

To get started, first I have to take out and remove all the tools, and the mess that’s inside. I’m wearing a respirator for this because I don’t want to be breathing in any of that rat stuff, or anything like that so making sure to protect myself by wearing a respirator. Once I had the old shed apart, the guys from the shed store showed up and installed the new portable storage shed. These sheds can get pretty expensive, very quickly, so I went with a basic 10′ x 12′ portable shed. It doesn’t have any windows or anything fancy on it, I just need something that’s gonna hold a lot of tools and equipment. Something that I can maximize the storage, which is the purpose of this shed, clean up some of the clutter in my current shop, clean up some of the tools that have just been lying around the house, and get everything into one area.

Organization to maximize in the storage area of the new shed I’ve decided on gladiator storage cabinets as well as an Elfa storage solution system. What’s cool about the Elfa system, is that everything mounts to these tracks that you then mount onto the wall, so you can move things around to pretty much any configuration that you want. I came up with a layout that made the most sense for this 120 square foot space, it gave me what I was looking for. The first thing that I have to do, is to assemble the gladiator storage cabinets, and then I can install the Elfa tracks on the wall, and start moving things around to the way that I want them. One of the big issues with the old shed is that I didn’t have any storage space for the lawn and garden tools that I need around the house. I didn’t want them clogging up my workshop, so I just kind of left them out. So now, even some of the newer tools are looking old and weathered.

Over the last year or two, I got me some of the lawn and garden hangers that work with the Alpha system, and it’s allowed me to bring in all those tools and mount them up on the wall. It was really easy, you can just snap them into the track and then push the tool into place and it holds it until you need it you can move them around and figure out whatever configuration works best for you. It’s really customizable, and I love it so far. What I really love about this new shed is the roof height. In my old shed, it was really low, and I used to bang my head all the time getting in and out of the shed.  It allowed for very limited storage, but now in this shed, I have really high ceilings, so I can maximize storage. I can get things off the floor so that I can walk around, and still have a lot of areas to store things. I even built the loft over the cabinets and the shelves, so that I can move some of the family stuff that I have taking up space in my shop, into the shed. I actually have a lot more space and perhaps I’ll even tear down the closet that I have in my workshop. I like to keep tools for certain types of projects like drywall electrical plumbing painting kind of in their own tubs so that I know when I’m working on a project I can just go grab that tub pull it out, and I’ll have the majority of the tools that I need.

What I like about the Alpha open shelving system is that I can put those tubs on the shelf, see where they are and pull them off when I need them.  They are easy to put back, so that they’re not buried in the back corner somewhere. I don’t have to dig for them, and I can just slap a label on them to know which tub is which.

I personally love the durability and the look of the gladiator storage cabinets, and though I wasn’t initially really sold on the Elfa system, as soon as I put it up and started using it, and saw how customizable it was, I absolutely loved it! It took me a day or two to organize the shed, and I’m still working on it. It’s gonna be a work in progress for a while, but I’ve been able to put more stuff into the shed than I actually thought I would be able to. I’ve been looking around the house for other stuff that I don’t need all the time, that I can get and put away and organize, before I can call the shed finished.

I still had to paint it because I chose not to order a painted shed because it was pretty expensive, and since I have Graco paint sprayers, painting it is a pretty easy task.  My buddy Joe came by to help me out with it, and we were able to knock it out in a couple hours.  We painted it to match the rest of the house and I’m super happy with the way that it turned out. I love how organized it is, my wife loves it, she loves that we can get rid of all this clutter. All the tools that I’ve had laying around the house for the last couple years are now in the shed, so she’s super thankful. If you need more storage you may want to consider a portable storage shed too!

Wooden Garages, Are They Better Than Steel?

There are actually lots of various storage space sheds to decide on coming from as well as it can easily be actually challenging for an individual to choose which one are going to better fulfill their necessities. Some individuals are going to eventually decide on a shed helped make coming from steel slabs; others may opt for to make use of storage space and also garage sheds that are actually helped make coming from a blend of rubber as well as plastic products. Timber garage sheds are actually developed of organic components as well as they will definitely certainly not corrosion as well as oxidize like the ones helped make coming from various kinds of steel. When you opt for lumber you are actually being actually eco-friendly helpful, as well as you may also help make certain to pick a shed that is actually helped make coming from maintainable all-natural products.

Lumber likewise possesses an effectively ought to have image tough and also reliable product as well as it will certainly sanctuary your automotives, motorbikes, yard tools as well as various other possessions coming from any sort of sort of climate. You carry out certainly not need to bother with blustery winds overthrowing the framework either. These sheds are actually indicated to resist a good deal of difficult climate.

If there is actually the main thing that folks appear to regularly discover limited it is actually storing area. This is actually specifically correct when you possess backyard tools, backyard resources, as well as various other things that you need to have to maintain properly managed. You only may certainly not take all of them right into your residence and also placed all of them away in cabinets or even wardrobes. Many of our company possess presently reviewed sufficient packages, containers and also varied things right into our garages, therefore where perform you transform for that added storing area that you require?

There are actually several storage space sheds to decide on coming from as well as it may be complicated for somebody to determine which one will definitely better satisfy their demands. Some folks are going to eventually select a shed produced coming from metallic pieces; others could pick to make use of storing and also garage sheds that are actually helped make coming from a mixture of rubber and also plastic products. There are actually some extremely really good causes why thus a lot of folks decide on wood garage loses over many of the various other on call alternatives.

Along with some basement waterproofing and also regular servicing these timber exterior structures may last for twenty years or even longer. If any type of repair services are actually required this is among the simplest components to deal with, and also the price s entailed are actually commonly reduced. When you think about the numerous beneficial attributes of timber garage drops it is actually evident that these are actually items that feature a good deal of incorporated worth.

When you opt for lumber you are actually being actually green, as well as you can easily also be sure to choose a shed that is actually created coming from maintainable organic products. This product may be repainted or even tarnished to match your house or even you can easily select an one-of-a-kind surface that will certainly enhance the timber structure right into the center of attention for your lawn. Various other sheds may certainly not be actually customized to such a huge level as those produced coming from organic hardwood.

Timber garage sheds are actually created of organic components as well as they are going to certainly not decay and also rust like the ones helped make coming from various kinds of metallic. If you inadvertently hit your using mower right into some of these durable developments you can easily certainly not nick the lumber or even tear a gap in the structure’s outside area. The lumber that is actually made use of for these sheds will definitely last for years as well as can easily stand up to various adjustments in the climate without splitting or even splitting that is actually viewed when various other components are actually made use of.

It appears as though a terrific numerous people are actually knowing that exterior wood garage sheds are actually a fantastic choice when they need to have a cost effective and also desirable storing area that will certainly combination right into their exterior residing location. Sure there are actually an amount of various forms of outside sheds that are actually offered today, however just before you choose among the ones produced coming from steel or even one more manufactured component you need to absolutely consider what produces these wood sheds the far better selection.

You can easily create your very own sheds from scratch through using your personal style skill-sets or even acquire some plans to utilize. Timber is actually a best component given that it could be evaluated as well as reduced to generate a confined storeroom of any sort of dimension or even form. There are actually additionally pre-packaged packages that you can easily purchase that merely demand setting up once they are actually provided to your residence. If you would like to take the beeline you may take into consideration getting a wood shed that is actually currently built as well as have it transported to your property on the internet site that you decide on.